Children, Youth, & Families

Why is a Health Home Right for My Child?

Do you have a child with physical or mental health needs? Is your child struggling in multiple areas? Have you run into roadblocks trying to help care for your child and family?

Let our care managers help you! With Encompass, your care manager will help you and your child participate in an ongoing planning process that wraps services around your child and family in a way that makes sense and is comfortable for you. You’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t. You will have the support of your care manager 24/7.

We understand that everyone is different with different needs. We want everyone to have a voice and a choice. Your care manager will make sure your specific needs are met according to your preferences.

There are many ways a care manager may help you. Some of these include:

● Helping you take care of your family by making sure your child gets appointments with doctors, dentists, mental health providers or specialist and reminding you of your appointments
● Inviting everyone you consider important to keeping your child healthy, safe and on track to a meeting to talk about how we can all do this together
● Linking you and your child with others who have walked in your shoes and can let you know how they succeeded
● Helping you and your child talk to those you love so they better understand you and what you need
● Being available to help you and your child whenever needed, 24/7